Container Office for Sale

East Coast Commodities specialises in purpose built site office container for sale units. These site office units are commonly used for site offices at construction & building sites. We offer both containerised offices and multi-purpose portable buildings. They also come with a whole list of features which include air-conditioning, lockable store room, side personnel door with heavy duty lock, windows with heavy duty security shutters, insulated roof, power, phone and data. Our site offices are by far the strongest on the market with its heavy duty structure and high security features. You wont find a better product for your construction site.

container sell

Specifications of Container Office for Sale

Our site offices include:

  • → Easily transportable / relocatable
  • → Expandable – add additional offices
  • → Wind and water proof
  • → Secure
  • → Custom built to your specifications
  • → Optional site office accessories
  • → Ideal for construction sites

Accessories include:

  • → Lighting and electricity
  • → Air Conditioning
  • → Windows and shutters
  • → Variety of doors


20GP External6,058mm2,438mm2,591mm
20GP Internal5,898mm2,352mm2,393mm
20HC External6,058mm2,438mm2,896mm
40GP External12,192mm2,438mm2,591mm
40GP Internal12,032mm2,352mm2,393mm
40HC External12,192mm2,438mm2,896mm
40HC Internal12,032mm2,352mm2,698mm