Flat Pack modular container house

Constructed from cold rolled steel frames and insulated chromadek panels, these containers for sale are strong as well as aesthetically pleasing. The ability to flatpack the units allows for significant transport savings as they can be transported to site in kit form where up to four units are loaded in the same space as one standard 6 metre shipping container. The units are then erected on site by ourselves or others. These units are very easily joined and stackable up to 3 storeys, allowing for larger units as well as space savings, while still being easily dismantled for redeployments elsewhere as either the original unit or smaller individual units.

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Container Flat-packs for sale are used, not exclusively, for the following:

  • → Luxury offices / Office complexes
  • → Classrooms/Boardrooms
  • → Hospitals / Clinics
  • → Accommodation units / Houses
  • → Boardrooms/Kitchens
  • → WC/Guard huts
  • → Camps
  • → Recreational facilities
  • → Restaurants / Mess halls
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How to build the Flat Pack?

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