Open Tops

East Coast Commodities offers open top containers designed for the transportation and storage of tall, heavy or awkward cargo. Open top containers have a removable tarpaulin which includes heavy duty eyelets. The tarpaulin fits over the roof of the open top container and is water and wind resistant. These open top containers make loading bulky goods with a crane easy by loading the open top container from above. We offer 20ft and 40ft open top containers.
We can also offer upon request 20ft hard top container.

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Specifications Open Top Container For Sale

All of our 20′ & 40′ open top containers feature:

  • → Designed for heavy and awkward cargoes
  • → Allows loading/unloading through the roof aperture using overhead lifting equipment or through the door.
  • → Supplied with TIR approved PVC tarpaulins (otherwise known as tilts) with removable rear header to protect cargo
  • → The actual roof aperture is smaller than the internal dimensions of the container, due to protrusion of the top side rails (needed to support the roof bows) and the stubs (supporting the header bar over the door).
  • → Attachable bow and sealing devices.
  • → The floor of the container is of hardwood or plywood – diffusses odours and stains.
  • → Number of cargo securing points in the floor or along the bottom side rail.
  • → New and used open top containers available.
Specification20′ Soft Open Top40′ Soft Open Top20′ Hard Open Top
Inside Cubic Capacity 66.8M3 
Maximum Gross Weight 32,500 kg 
Tare Weight (±2%) 3,840 kg 
Maximum Payload 28,660 kg 
20′ External6,058mm2,438mm2,591mm
20′ Internal5,898mm2,352mm2,393mm
40′ External12,192mm2,438mm2,591mm
40′ Internal12,032mm2,352mm2,360mm