Container Sales and Container Modifications.

Container sales and rental.

Container Sales and Container Modifications

High Quality Shipping Containers

East Coast Commodities has access to a large selection of shipping container products built from high quality steel components. Our product range includes standard, specialised and modified shipping containers, flat pack and offshore containers. Our container modifications team can customized a shipping container to your needs, so whatever your requirements are we can design and construct the ideal storage solution to suit you.

Standard Shipping Container Range
Our standard range of shipping containers include General Purpose Shipping Containers and High Cube Shipping Containers. These are the most popular storage containers for sale that are available in 20′ and 40′ sizes ready for long/short term hire or to purchase outright.

Specialised Shipping Container Range

Our specialised container sale range includes side opening containers, set containers, open tops, flat racks, refrigerated shipping containers, storage containers and explosive magazines. Specialised containers are used to store or transport certain cargo that is not suitable for a standard shipping container.

Modified Shipping Container Range

East Coast Commodities offers shipping container modifications for added functionality. Our experienced modifications team have the ability to custom design and build a storage solution to suit your needs. Whether it is a storage unit to house hazardous materials, or an accommodation unit for temporary or permanent accommodation, East Coast Commodities can help. Normally we use standard containers to do the modifications, but if you have any special size we also can make it.

Flat Pack & Offshore Containers

East Coast Commodities can offer flat pack, which can be used for Luxury offices, Accommodation houses, toilettes and so on. Offshore containers designed and manufactured to the DNV 2.7-1 / EN 12079 standards.