Specialized Cargo Projects, OOG, Heavy Lifts

Cargo Projects

What is Project Cargo?
Project cargo refers to those items transported by heavy haul trucks, freight trains, cargo planes and/or cargo ships that are oversized or overweight and otherwise too big and bulky or too heavy to fit into standard containers. Examples of cargo items include manufacturing equipment, air conditioners, modular factory components, skid mounted industrial process systems, generators and turbines, oilfield pipe and heavy equipment.

Project freight services

→ Heavy / Out of Gauge Cargo Management and Handling

→ Crating and packing

→ Break Bulk Prep

→ Flat rack and open top loading

→ Specialized Cargo

East Coast Commodities offers all the project cargo management and handling capabilities, versatility and expertise you need for project freight of any size. Whether your need is custom crating of any size, preparation for break bulk shipment, heavy lift or loading of flat racks or open top containers, we do it all.
Every aspect of your project’s cargo will be handled at East Coast Commodities secure freight management facility by experienced personnel. With over 30 years of experience, East Coast Commodities facilities, can deliver the design plans and budget that fit your needs.

East Coast Commodities is honored to be your trusted partner in moving your over dimensional cargo by land, ocean, air and/or a combination of the transportation modes.

We offer you the best possible solution to deliver your equipment on time and within the allocated budget.
Our team takes care of the planning from origin to destination, and coordinates the move between all the parties involved – manufacturers, transportation companies, city (for permits), route surveys, customs brokers, loading/unloading facilities, insurance brokers, consignees.

Project Cargo Services Provided:

→ Break Bulk

→ Flat Racks, Open Top Containers

→ Special overland chassis and equipment

→ RO/RO and LO/LO Cargo