Transloading in Montreal

Stuffing, Cross-Docking and Transloading


East Coast Commodities offers

→ A bag-to-bag Transloading and stuffing operation for food products like pulses (lentils, peas, beans and seeds), grains, rice, sugar, coffee, at indoor warehouse and outdoor covered facility

→ Trans-loading containers of all sizes and types, as well as local pickup and delivery to/from Marine Terminals and Rail Heads in Vancouver and Montreal.


Additional services offered:

→ indoor and outdoor warehousing and storage (short and long term)
→ Intermodal Transport from Western Canada and US Midwest to Montreal and Vancouver

Your product is protected against insects and rodents through a pest control program.

East Coast Commodities stuffing facility currently handles the following products:

→ pulses: lentils, beans and peas
→ other related, agricultural products: soya beans (GMO AND NON-GMO), mung beans, rice, coffee, sugar, canary seeds, sunflower seeds and pellets, pumpkin seeds, barley, oats, grass seeds, millet, quinoa, flour, wheat, milk powder, mustard seeds, flax seeds, coriander seeds, canola, enzymes for animal feed, etc.
→ other general merchandise up to 50 Kgs per piece: boxes, cartons, bundles, wood crates, glass windows etc.

Poly, Jute and Paper bags handled: 15kgs, 20kgs, 25kgs, 50lbs, 40kgs, 45kgs, 100lbs and 50kgs.
East Coast Commodities also offers loading and unloading tote bags: 500kgs, 1000kgs, 2000 Kgs.