Warehousing in Montreal

Warehousing and storage at East Coast Commodities


With East Coast Commodities warehousing, transloading, stuffing facility, your goods are handled with care, from our hydraulic-adjustable docks to our state-of-the-art security:

→ dock doors for trucks and/or standard elevated cubage trailers

→ Hydraulics adjustable docks levellers

→ Drive-in doors

→ Bar code system in place

→ Heated warehouse

→ Racking system

→ Heated by hot air blown by suspended natural gas heaters

→ A secured yard, reduces demurrage and detention charges

→ Protected against insects and rodents through a warehouse pest control program

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The East Coast Commodities stuffing team manages your cargo with speed, with efficiency and, most importantly, with accuracy.

East Coast Commodities stuffing team provides you with:

→ Long and short term storage of your goods

→ Daily, weekly, monthly rates. Storage rates per case, per pallet, per square foot or as requested. Handling rates by case, by pallet, on our hourly basis or as requested.

→ Quality control

→ Specialized trans-loading cargo belts

→ Trucks with specialized accessories to handle a variety of merchandise (grain, forest products, metals, project cargos, etc.)

→ Shrink wrap machines

→ Weight scales

→ Storage of archives and documents

Eeast Coast Commodities automated processes, along with our experienced warehousing, transloading, stuffing team, ensure your merchandise is right at your finger tips:

→ Computerized inventory management system, accessible through Web-based portal

→ Destruction, re-palletizing, deconsolidation and consolidation of goods

→ Racking storage system

→ Packaging and repackaging of goods

→ Special projects