At East Coast Commodities

At East Coast Commodities Stuffing, Transloading and Warehousing Montréal, we are ready to meet 2019. We have been working on optimizing our operations by implementing lean principles and increasing our productivity – all that with our customers in mind.

We are entering a second week of January and getting into a work routine after the holiday season. With New Year and new hopes, the farmers, traders and other service providers of the pulse industry in Canada are getting together at CropSphere in Saskatoon on January 15th and 16th to discuss the news on tariffs and trade, the farmer’s right to repair their own equipment, and share the latest market analysis on commodities and projections for 2019.

The Port Terminals are catching up with the workload after the port closures during holidays and their operations are coming back to normal. Lately, we have been experiencing frequent changes in vessel’s ERD’s and LRD’s and our goal was to work closely with the terminals, lines and our customers to insure the smooth and timely communication flow to meet the deadlines.

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