Coast Commodities Stuffing

East Coast Commodities Stuffing, Transloading and Warehousing in Montreal wanted to thank all its customers for their time during the CropSphere Conference in Saskatoon last January. It was great to exchange the latest news, discuss ongoing projects and future opportunities, map out few interesting projects and tackle some things that have been overlooked in a day to day routine. As per projections, we expect the increase of volume starting 2019. And we have noticed a spike of activity in January that came along with the winter in Montreal.

And, indeed, “Winter in Montreal” – this is basically what marks the month of January and will do so for February. Mother nature made everyone to follow its schedule and adjust all the plans. At East Coast Commodities Stuffing, Transloading and Warehousing in Montreal, we united our efforts to be able to still deliver to our customers in spite of the harsh weather conditions. The yard hours were extended, including to weekends and our crew is always on top to keep the yard ready for both drivers and workers to perform their job. Being in the middle of a complex logistics chain, East Coast Commodities Stuffing, Transloading and Warehousing Montreal has to remain flexible to regroup and perform in the ever changing environment. The end of January was especially tough, when rail operations were affected by the weather conditions – snow storms, low temperatures, icy road conditions – all that created an immense backlog. Multiple units couldn’t not be grounded off trains for days, so everyone operated under complete uncertainty. But we are certain that slowly but surely, the situation will straighten up and we would like to thank all our customers and all the parties involved for their cooperation which is crucial to get the job done.

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