Dear clients and business partners

In light of recent recommendations from Canadian and Provincial authorities, and the progression of the coronavirus epidemic, to the pandemic stage, we wish to inform you that we are implementing measures to ensure the safety of our employees, limit the spread of the virus within and outside of our network, and continue our business as efficiently as possible.

We would like to inform that we have no cases of the COVID-19 Virus nor any associated contact with an infected person, however we wish to protect our employees, their families, our clients and act as a responsible corporate citizen. To this end we are working on a plan to reduce the need for staff to report to work.

Our employees on site have been given reinforced personal sanitary measures and we are also disinfecting our trucks and machinery to fight the spread of this virus. We also encourage remote work for those team members that are concerned so that, in a secure manner, they can continue doing theirs tasks . Drivers have been asked to avoid or respect a considerable distance with all warehouse personnel and to use own disinfected tools and stationery to carry out their work when dropping or picking up containers or vans.

Depending on the progression of the virus we have different work scenarios established , among which split work force and shifts on site and on the road. While some delays could/might be expected, please remain assured we are taking all necessary steps to make it “business as usual” . As the situation evolves we will adapt and will inform you of the actions taken.

We are part of the global supply chain and we must function as efficiently as possible throughout this ordeal.

The social impact from economic hardship will perhaps be far worse than the health impact. While avoiding possible exposure or contagion to the virus we MUST continue business as usual and in our personal lives maintain, as much as possible, our consumer habits.

We promote Prudence in the work place, not Panic.

We will keep you posted if and when new measures are being introduced in our Company.

Lastly, we would like to thank you for your business and for your confidence in our company.

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