East Coast Commodities Stuffing

East Coast Commodities Stuffing, Transloading and Warehousing in Montreal wanted to thank our Contruck trucking division for re-allocating their heavy-duty chassis to carry the loads of agricultural products. For the customers who didn’t suspend their shipments or didn’t reduce the weight of the shipments during the spring thaw, we could provide timely and worriless deliveries. Obviously, the overall volume of heavy loads and shipments in totes decreased during this spring thaw period. At this time, ECC has been involved in transloading other commodities and servicing the industry needs.

The spring thaw road restrictions ended on May 17th for zone 1 and will terminate on May 24th for zone 2 and 3. We are ready to receive the shipments that have been on hold because of the weight restrictions.
We thank our customers for their continuous support.

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