Thaw period – target dates

The ministry reminds users of heavy vehicles and shippers that the authorized load limits are reduced during the thaw period on all public roads. This is done every year to account for the road network’s lower bearing capacity during this period.

For the thaw period of 2019, the target start and end dates of the load restriction period for each of the thaw zones are indicated below.

Target dates for 2019

Zone 1
From Monday, March 11(00:01) to Friday, May 10 (23:59)
Zone 2
From Monday, March 18 (00:01) to Friday, May 17 (23:59)
Zone 3
From Monday, March 25 (00: 01) to Friday, May 24 (23:59)

Please note that the target dates represent the most likely start and end dates of the thaw period for each of the three zones. Depending on the changes in weather conditions, these dates may be moved ahead or postponed.

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