This November, it is not only a sign of winter

This November, it is not only a sign of winter, as unusual temperatures and snow storms have hit Montréal, but when you are in stuffing and transloading agricultural products and warehousing business, it is a sign of a busy time of the year.
We, at East Coast Commodities, stuffing, transloading and warehousing Montreal, mend our sails when the weather is fine, so our warehousing, stuffing and transloading facility in Montreal is ready to face the winter and to service our customers during the peak season. We have noticed the increase of inquiries for transloading services via Montreal and started to work with few more clients that allows us to optimistically look into the future.
Let us show you how we perform. Reach us out to get our pricing for bag to bag and totes transloading at our facility in Montreal, and to inquire about other services we provide – warehousing, trucking, project cargoes.

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